During the spring of 2018, St Mary of Charity was able, thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to carry out essential repairs to the buttresses and walls of the North Transept.  The buttresses, which stabilise the walls, were failing and needed to be carefully dismantled to half their usual height, then rebuilt, and the walls repointed and reknapped.  These works were completed in June.  St Mary of Charity would like to thank the workmen for their expert work, and the Heritage Lottery Fund for making it possible.  Some photographs of the works are below.

Cracking at the side of the windows:



Carefully protecting the floor before the scaffolding was erected:


Scaffolding up, and west window boarded to protect it - notice the scaffolding supporting the interior arches:


External scaffolding along the north wall


Very carefully supporting the wall and windows!


Eastern (left) buttress with work started on dismantling:


West buttress before it was dismantled:



East buttress in mid-works:


The Archdeacon of Maidstone, Rev Stephen Taylor, joined us at our Family Eucharist service on Sunday, 16 September to bless the completed works and give thanks for them!

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