Family History Research
and WWI Memorials

Family Trees:

As part of the fund raising activities for our lovely church we are offering a service to research and document your family tree.  For those of you who have made a start and then got stuck, we can pick up where you left off.

The service would include scanning copies of photographs and documents and printing those on quality paper using a colour laser printer.  Your whole genealogy project would also be created on a digital database and saved to CD/DVD.

Anyone who has researched their family history will know that it can be a time consuming and difficult task and hence almost impossible to provide a quote for the research element of this service but the following may assist.  Your family may be one of those which are relatively easy to research and record.

We already subscribe to the major online research internet sites and have researched our own family history lines to the 1600s.

If you are interested and want to know more all consultations are free and without obligation.


Starter Pack: £25.00 or something more bespoke to your requirements.

ALL proceeds to St Mary of Charity

Short discussion to determine what is required and a budget.

Scan, copy and save to CD/DVD and print a reasonable number of photos, certificates and, documents.

Save the results of an evening’s research (we do very long evenings!) to a database on the CD/DVD with an indication of what further research might achieve.

WWI Fallen in Faversham

As part of the commemmoration of the First World War, we have been part of a team doing research on the fallen from the Faversham area.  If you would like to learn about a relative who fought in the war, are part of the Faversham Bunting Project and are curious about the name assigned to you or have information you think may be useful to the Team, please do contact us on the email address below.


Mary & Brian Wimlett  
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