Faversham Parish Church is particularly lucky in that its music is of a consistently high standard.  The choir perform cathedral repertoire each week and sing a full range of choral services while the excellent music group lead more 'contemporary' services.

The Choir

The church choir has around 16 members and consists of junior and adult members covering all the vocal parts.  The choir has built up a good reputation for leading worship especially in our cathedrals.  The choir have sung in many cathedrals throughout the country including Truro, Peterborough, Norwich, St Davidís and Canterbury Cathedrals in recent years.  2019's choir tour was to Guildford Cathedral.  Music is sung from across the centuries, ranging from plainsong dating back hundreds of years right through to contemporary works by living composers.

Our Director of Music is Ben Saul.  His role involves training the choir and covering all the musical provisions throughout the church.  His musical experience is also used in the task of teaching new choral works and exploring new forms of worship.  During the course of rehearsals, the choir's voices are developed and their musical knowledge is expanded.  


Joining the Choir

Are you a good singer?  Join the choir!  If not, would you like to be? Then join the choir!

All singers receive vocal techniques throughout rehearsals as part of their membership of the choir and are assisted to achieve their full musical potential.  Any choir member can work through the RSCM Voice for Life to work towards different goals.

Commitment and enthusiasm are the only requirements for joining the choir and we would love to hear from any singers interested.

Please contact or telephone 01795 530553 (Parish Administrator) and your details will be forwarded on straight away.

Music Group

The group regularly leads worship within the church and currently includes singers, guitarists and wind players, supported by the church's clavinova.  All styles of worship music are performed.  Anyone with a musical talent they would like to use within the church would be warmly welcomed.  Contact our music group via or telephone 01795 530553 (Parish Administrator) and your details will be forwarded on straight away.

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