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Priest in charge

Rev Simon Rowlands                 Email          Telephone: 01795 532592



Rev Simon Young                      Email            Telephone: 01795 538164



Alison Swinney                           Email           Telephone: 01795 533448


Jayne Bartholomew                    Email           Telephone: 07518 912071


Parish Administrator               

First point of contact for baptisms, weddings, visits and bookings.

(This is a part time role, working days are Thursday - noon til 4 pm - and Friday - 10 am til 3 pm, however emails and phone messages are checked regularly)

Catriona Cuthbert                       Email            Telephone: 01795 530553

Children and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer

Maggie Edwards                             Email

How to find us

If you are using a SatNav to find us, the best post code to put in is ME13 8GZ.  This will take you to Church Road, off East Street, where you will find yourself facing the south side of the building.  Entry to the church is via the south porch (the west door is used for ceremonies and parades only).   If you are coming to the church on foot from the town centre, we are hidden behind Tesco's - walk along the front of the store and go down the steps on the far right of the building, then turn left - or walk along Church Street from the start of Abbey Street, opposite Creek Creative.

Please note this is not a postal address!

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St Mary of Charity,  the parish church of Faversham 
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