Getting Married at St Mary of Charity Church


People sometimes think it is more expensive to get married in church.  This is not necessarily so!  It was possible to get married in church for 496  (in 2016) - the cost of the legal fees plus a verger.  Extra costs apply if you want organist, choir, bells, etc.  


We want to help people have a service of Christian marriage, in church, if that is what they want, without thinking they have to have to have all of the traditional religious elements, or feeling that they are excluded on the grounds of cost.  The  ceremony offered is distinctively Christian: secular venues are not able to offer a religious ceremony, and churches cannot offer a secular ceremony.  St Mary of Charity is a large church, and opportunities exist for the marriage to be conducted in different parts of the building; larger/smaller,  formal/less formal settings, depending on particular wishes.


Marriage in church is usually 'Marriage by Banns' - rather than by licence.  At least one of the couple would need to be able to show some personal or family connection with the church.  This is best clarified by a discussion with the clergy/Parish Administrator.  

If you are interested in booking your wedding at St Mary of Charity church, please email us, or telephone 01795 530553.

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