Services for 2014

Holy Communion (BCP) every Wednesday at 10.30 am

(BCP - Book of Common Prayer / CW - Common Worship)


Flame Ministry (activities for children and young people) is normally held every Sunday at the 10.30 am service


** Please note changes to regular pattern of Sunday worship


Wednesday, 2 April               10.30 am   Holy Communion (BCP)

     Saturday, 5 April                      8 - 9 am   Breakfast Praise

     Sunday, 6 April                              9 am   Matins

                                                       10.30 am    Parish Communion (CW) 


     Wednesday, 9 April         10.30 am   Holy Communion (BCP) followed by
Parish Lunch

     Saturday, 12 April              8 - 9 am   Breakfast Praise


     Sunday, 13 April                      9 am    Holy Communion (BCP)

                                                  10.30 am    Parish Communion

      Monday, 14 April               7.30 pm    Holy Week Compline

      Tuesday, 15 April              7.30 pm    Holy Week Compline

      Wednesday, 16 April       10.30 am   Holy Communion (BCP)
                                                      7.30 pm   Holy Week Compline

      Thursday, 17 April             7.30 pm    Maundy Thursday Service with
                                                                        Stripping of the Altar

     Friday, 18 April                           9 am   Short Act of Worship followed by Hot                                                                             Cross Buns and then
                                                          10 am   Walk of Witness to Market Place for
                                                                        the Churches Together in
                                                                        Faversham open air service

                                                           5 pm    Rehearsal for Stainer's Crucifixion

                                                      7.30 pm    Performance of Stainer's Crucifixion

     Saturday, 19 April                 8 - 9 am   Breakfast Praise

                                          9 am - 12 noon   Decorating the church for Easter

                                 10.30 am - 12 noon    Easter Children's Activities - come to hear the Easter story explained using a box of eggs - play parachute games and make your own Easter garden (suitable for pre-school to primary  children)

                                                     7.30 pm     Easter Eve Service of Light


     Sunday, 20 April                        9 am    Easter Day Holy Communion with  hymns

                                                      10.30 am   Easter Day Celebration with Communion followed by the annual, eggcellent Easter Egg Hunt in the churchyard

                                                       6.30 pm    Said Evensong 

     Monday, 21 April                         7 am    Meet at St Mary of Charity for the    annual Youth Pilgrimage to Canterbury  Cathedral                         

     Wednesday, 23 April           10.30 am   Parish Communion 

Saturday, 26 April                   8 - 9 am   Breakfast Praise  

Sunday, 27 April                           9 am   Holy Communion (BCP)

                                                  10.30 am   Parish Communion

Wednesday, 30 April           10.30 am    Holy Communion (BCP)

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